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    Leef Graphic Standarts

    Leef Word Mark

    Logo Usage

    The Leef word mark is best displayed when surrounded by a sufficiently large, clear space. This drawing defines the minimum area that not be encroached on by other graphic elements, text or the edge of the page or screen.


    Whatever size the wordmark is, the width of the “e” should be the measurement of minimum space around the wordmark. These guides should not be kept in a design, but should be used for measurement only. The Leef wordmark is a custom font and not part of a font family.

    The minimum size of the logo was designed for uses at very small sizes and should be used only at the sizes specified.

    • Leef black logo
    • Leef white logo
    • Leef orange logo
    Leef logo
    • Leef sky logo
    • Leef white logo
    • Leef grey logo


    The logo wordmark can be used on any appropriate background image or color as long as it is white. The only time the logo is appropriate in black is when it is on a white or very light background color like gray. The resolution of the wordmark should match the method of reproduction. For print, the resolution should always be 300 dpi. For digital, 72 dpi should be used.

    • Fake leef logo
    • Fake leef logo
    • Fake leef logo
    • Fake leef logo
    • Fake leef logo
    • Fake leef logo


    Background images or colors that do not provide enough contrast.

    Background images or colors that obscure any part of the wordmark.

    Sheer, distort, stretch, or squish.

    Add drop shadows or glows on white or black grounds to the wordmark.



    Helvetica Nue Lt Std - 45 Bold

    Helvetica Nue Lt Std - 45 Light

    Aa Aa


    Open Sans - Bold

    Open Sans - Light

    Bb Bb

    Montserrat - SemiBold

    Montserrat - Regular

    Montserrat - Light

    Cc Cc Cc

    Official Leef Colors

    Official Leef colors

    Leef Blaze, Mint ant Blue are our primary colors. Feel free to mix some craziness in there. Just let us know about it first.

    Pantone CMYK RGB #
    Leef Blaze: 171 C 0/75/75/0 255/102/51 ff6633
    Mint: 318 C 48/0/18/0 155/204/202 99cccc
    Leef Blue: 302 C 100/71/39/34 0/51/102 003366

    Resource Library

    For complete access to the photos, videos and marketing documents for each of Leef's mobile memory products, please go to our resources page. Please contact us if you need further assistance: